Congress Venue

Avda Cortes Valencianas, 60
46015 Valencia


An open space for dialogue

Since the Centre was opened on 2nd July 1998, the Valencia Conference Centre (VCC) has become one of the most emblematic buildings in the city. This unique building, built by Norman Foster, was conceived in response to the existing demand to bring event tour ism to Valencia and to cater for all its requirements and provide event holders with the very best service, environment and space requirement in an exclusive, purpose-built ve nue which would serve as a melting pot for the exchange of knowledge and be deserving of a wide variety of awards.

It is synonymous with event tourism and has played host to numerous national and international conferences and congresses, business conventions and events of all kinds. This variety has made the Centre a meeting point for all types of participation.

The VCC has helped to boost the city’s image on the international stage, exceeding all expectations. In fact, Valencia currently stands 18th on the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) ranking of non-capital congress cities in Europe and ranking ahead of Manchester, San Francisco or Miami. The UIA (Union of International Associations) sets Valencia as the 12th European city and the 26th World no capital of nation in the organization of International Congresses.

Where space and light are the protagonists

The building has a surface area of 16,000 m 2 and houses three auditoria (for 1,481, 467 and 270 people). It also has several break-out rooms, two multipurpose rooms and a large exhibition area outside the auditoria.

The Centre’s design is understandable architecture, an open book for all to read. Its exterior was created as a resounding, clear-cut, single geometrical container whose interior plays host to a series of spaces spread ou t along a single axis. The Centre’s colossal roof spreads itself over the building as t hough to shelter it. This unique structure is the building's distinctive feature and gives str ucture to the Centre’s rooms and auditoria which stretch out through a glass-fronted façade in which space and light are the protagonists. This foyer is responsible for the building's other name, The Palace of Light.

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